Our Top 5 Home Maintenance Tips

    This post is especially for all of our homeowners out there (or soon-to-be homeowners)! Whether you’re a new homeowner and need some tips or just need a reminder to check on things, this list is for you. 


    Here are 5 things you should do for your home on a yearly basis:

    1. Seal all water filters.

    You’ll want to make sure that all of the wet areas in your home are properly sealed up to prevent water penetration. Leaks and flooding can create huge problems down the road, so this is especially important! You’ll want to pay extra close attention to areas around your kitchen sink, faucets, and bathrooms.

    2. Service your AC.

    I can’t tell you how many time I’ve talked to clients who said their AC went out (and it always happens when there’s a heatwave, of course!)! I always ask if they got their AC serviced this year, and of course, the answer is almost always no! We all get busy and forget about it, so add it to your calendar now. The best time to get your AC serviced is during the winter or spring—of course, the busiest time for AC technicians is during the summer here in Arizona!

    3. Check your roof.

    You’ll want to have your roof checked out each year by a roofer, and if there are any issues, have them seal any broken tiles. Sometimes during our monsoon season, tiles can get out of place, and if they’re not fixed, this can cause bigger problems down the road. I like to have this done in the winter time—things slow down for roofers during the winter, and it’s easier to get things fixed.

    4. Clean your dryer vent.

    People tend to forget about the dryer vent, but this one is super important because it can be a huge fire hazard if it’s not cleaned.

    5. Check smoke detector batteries.

    This one is so simple, and yet so many of us forget about it! Having a working smoke detector is of course an important safety precaution that can save lives, so make sure you’re proactive and not reactive on this one. We’ve all been woken up at 2am with one of the smoke detectors going off…. and then they all go off! Check these once a year to avoid that 2am wake-up AND keep everyone safe in the event of a fire!

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