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    • Selling Your Home? Here Are Cindy’s *Not to Miss* Top 5 Tips for Sellers

    Selling Your Home? Here Are Cindy’s *Not to Miss* Top 5 Tips for Sellers

    In this quick video, REALTOR® Cindy Herrera shares her expert top 5 tips for selling your home! Take a moment, sit back, relax, and don’t miss out on these important tips:

    1. Make sure your curb appeal is top notch!  

    When potential buyers arrive at your home, you want to make sure they’re greeted with a picturesque scene that inspires warm and fuzzy feelings! Be sure to get rid of any dead plants, rake the grass, and pick up any dead leaves. After you’ve tidied up the yard, you’ll want to be sure and add some eye-catching beauty! Whether you plant some new, bright plants in the yard, add a few baskets of vibrant flowers to the front porch or both, you’ll want to ensure that visitors have a favorable first impression before they step inside your home.

    2. A few small updates can go a long way.

    Taking the time to do a few small updates in your home can really go a long way with buyers. We’re not even talking about huge renovations here—just easy projects you can do in a weekend! A couple of easy things you can do is to update light fixtures and faucets in your home. And get rid of that polished brass—it’ll make your home look unnecessarily dated! Small changes like this can make a big impact in both your home listing photos and when people tour your home, all without breaking the bank.

    3. Give your home a good deep clean!

    Ok, hear Cindy out on this one! No one likes to clean, but this is an absolute must! When buyers look at a nice clean home, this will translate to them feeling like the home is in good condition, and that the homeowners have loved and cared for the home. They’ll be able to imagine themselves moving right in, and more importantly, they’ll want to live there! Whether you tackle the deep clean by yourself or hire some professionals, doing things like cleaning the windows, rug doctoring your carpets, giving appliances a thorough clean so they shine, and scrubbing down your bathroom are all important.

    4. Make sure you have professional photos taken of your home.

    Whatever you do, do not skip having professional photos taken! Your home can even have the most gorgeous, stylish, expensive renovations, but if you don’t have professional photos of it all, none of that is going to matter. If you’ve ever searched for a home to buy, then you know what it’s like to scroll through dozens and dozens of listings and photos only to find a photo that makes you stop in your tracks because it’s so amazing. We want to make sure that the photos of your home have the same effect and inspire people to want to come and see your home in person for themselves.

    5. Hire the right broker!

    A large part of successfully selling your home will mean hiring the right broker for the job. Make sure you do your research on this one, and know why you’re hiring someone. What’s their track record when it comes to selling homes? Do they have the experience and the knowledge necessary?

    There are many reasons why people hire us to sell their home, but here are the top 3 reasons:

    • Our professional marketing
    • Our negotiating skills that get you top dollar for your home
    • We get you to the closing table

    No one wants to sell their home more than once, or go on a roller coaster of “sold,” “not sold,” etc. Having the right broker who can lead the way is key to a successful outcome!

    Have you been thinking about selling your home? Reach out to Cindy to set up a meeting—there’s no cost or obligation!

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